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NHS Global never existed as an independent organisation,the idea grew out of Lord Darzi’s initiative since 2010 this small, independent unit, sponsored by the Department of Health, has been instrumental in creating the right policies and infrastructure necessary for NHS organisations to step out into the international arena, already resulting in the recent launch of Healthcare UK. the name was used for a small team funded by the Department of Health and NHS England, charged with developing innovative business models and new ways of international collaboration for NHS organisations.

NHS logo

The team also set up Healthcare UK, who are now the main marketing arm of UK healthcare (NHS and private) capabilities.

Healthcare UK is run by UKTI

Marta Kalas Principal consultant at Aeole Ltd has been one of the founding members of this team.

Now we are no longer funded by Central Government, the team carries on within Aeole, working towards the same goals.
The image below was used in a number of  publications where NHS Global was the main contributor. (Full credit to Richard Stubbs, former managing director of NHS Global)

History of NHS Global

History of NHS Global