About us and Contact

My name is Marta Kalas and I am the founder of Aeole Ltd.

Marta Kalas MBA

The name of the company is a hint about Aeolus, a mythical character from ancient Greece. He as the God or Keeper of Winds he gave Odysseus a whole bagful of favourable winds to carry him home. As the story goes it turned out very differently for poor Odysseus.

We look at opportunities from international markets as favourable winds or currents for you to ride on, with help from us.

We also like the Aeolean Islands, off the coast of Sicily where according to another Greek legend Aeolus lived.

My key associates are:
Thirsty Mind
KFL Associates

Please contact me if you’d like to find out more.

marta.kalas@aeole.co.uk +44 7768 030 111


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